First Aid - Eliza & The Bear

New lyric video for Eliza & The Bear 

Re. Sustain

Eliza and the Bear EU tour

A few days in Europe with Eliza & The Bear. Photos down there. Below this writing. Click to see them full size.


Trespassing in Greenwich with Claudia

Yeh, nice. 11.03.18

Been a while since i've done one of these. I'm in the process of building my video rig so this time it's all about visuals. 

Haven't been this impressed by a documentary for ages. Been following the situation in Flint, Michigan through some friends from there. The story behind it all is enough to make this show fascinating and to add to it the cinematography is so impressive. Getting the shots they did in the situations they're in. Think Cops but with an actual story and shot like a movie.  

2. Three Billboards outside Ebbing, Missouri. Maybe an obvious one but this film made me think, was strangely heartwarming and is shot beautifully. Acting is next level. A short review but basically just watch it. Two thumbs up! 

3. James Blake  - If the Car Beside You Moves Ahead

This video <3<3<3

hope you watch and love all of these as much as I do. Look out for some video from me in the coming weeks/months. 



Balios Umbrellas

Shot for Balios Umbrellas look book Autumn 2017. The brief was pretty simple... London. 

Miss Gatehouse

Decided to share a bit more of the work I've been doing on my blog. Here's a few images shot for clothing brand Miss Gatehouse online. 

Observation & Reflection

Shot on a cloudy day in East London in digital and 35mm. 

Sutherland, Scotland

Every year we go to Scotland for an escape from life in a city that doesn't let you have a moments peace. London can be the best but I feel like I need these trips with no phone signal or internet for a week to reconnect and refresh. It's nearly impossible to ignore notifications and emails unless you have no choice. On top of that the fresh air is so revitalising, it's really on my mind how polluted our air is and being in the middle of a forest on top of a hill in the middle of nowhere I can really feel the benefits.  Mountains, forests, rivers, lochs, beaches, oceans and a tonne of rainbows. I'd recommend the Scottish highlands to anyone.

Summer's Not Over Yet

To fight away the dreary mid summer days I decided to bring out a new series of books and prints. All available to buy now from my store!

Some classic A6 pocket notebooks with lined and plain paper and a limited run of 100 page perfect bound A5 notebooks with super thick paper. 

Along with a set of 3 12" x 18" prints to celebrate the brightness of summer. 


fire on the summer solstice

On the longest day of the year which also turned out to be the hottest I met Nicola for a super quick shoot in Stratford. It was perfect weather for some colour.

Model: Nicola Matear.


In what has been one of my favourite projects, I've been working with Slowlights on an ongoing basis since February this year. From promos at 5am on the coldest morning of the year to their biggest live show to date. Getting creative on the design and videography front is a massive bonus for me too.  I would love to get involved with more campaigns like this but it helps that I'm totally into the music too!

It's been a lot of fun and I'm looking forward to continuing the journey. 


The new I Try So Hard EP is out now on Spotify. Check out the video ad for the ep below and have a listen in full here
 I Try So Hard single cover.

I Try So Hard single cover.

 I Try So Hard EP cover

I Try So Hard EP cover

Short video ad for the new ep