US tour September '16

Unfortunately I didn’t take a lot of photographs on this tour. The schedule was insane. We’d be getting to festivals at 10 am, playing between 1 and 3pm, doing press and leaving by 5 to get to the next show in time. But here's a brief run down of what we got up to on our time off on this tour.

We flew from London to New York, our home from home, for a day of press and to say hello to all the great people at Wind Up records. 

A day later Echoes was finally out! Everyone was more stoked than they look.

A day later Echoes was finally out! Everyone was more stoked than they look.

We had the unfortunate news of some of the shows we were playing with our friends in Of Mice And Men being cancelled due to illness. I’ve seen enough hotel rooms and cinemas around the world so instead of sitting around for a couple of days, we got into adventure mode. TM and general legend Brendan rented an Airbnb by a lake and off we went to chase some waterfalls ;). The US is such a place of contrast. Most of the time we go from city to city seeing the same old beige shopping centres and straight roads with, bluntly, no character at all. I’m being harsh on some of America’s great cities but if you have ever toured there you would understand what I mean. the major travel routes are littered with them. However, most of the time, if you have a vehicle and the desire to see more, you tend to never be more than a few hours away from natural beauty. 

Here’s some shots from Cummins state waterfall and swimming hole a few hours outside of Nashville, TN.

Handed the camera to Brendan Donahue for this one.


pretty glad to see this guy as we were leaving.

Pictures from the shows themselves can be found on our band Instagram

I think That’s a wrap on our US touring for 2016, but we will be back next year!