New store addition - Notebooks!

Where would I be without a notebook? Probably still thinking about maybe possibly setting up my store and maybe one day in the future possibly selling them along with prints.

Of all the things I could have done with my store notebooks seemed like an obvious choice. I use my notebooks all of the time. Here's a few ways they help me stay organised...

1. 'To do' lists: I live by my lists. Tending to write a new one for each week from trivial things like making sure I eat well, to big jobs like getting my taxes done. My tip is to always try to cross off the most difficult one first and the rest of the list seems to disappear with ease.

2. Ideas: I'd never go out or go to sleep without having a notebook next to me. The number of times i'll be lying awake in bed for hours with ideas rolling through my head to wake up the next day and not remember a thing. It actually helps with insomnia as my mind feels at ease knowing I won't forget. All songwriters I know carry a notebook. You'll never forget those spur of the moment lyrical inspirations if you can write them down instantly.

3. Dreams: I had a period of time where I got recurring nightmares. So I did a bit of research and one way to help counter them is to simply write down what you are dreaming about. It sounds silly but it helps to rationalise why the dreams are happening and it really worked for me. 

There's something quite therapeutic about writing things down by hand when so much is done on our phones or laptops. They come in a handy pocket A6 size and are printed on recycled paper, inside and out. Available to purchase now at my store and free with all orders over £40.