Yeh, Nice. 21.04.16

1.) SIGHT: Suspiria

An Italian 70s horror.  Now, I'm not a fan of horror, purely because I am so not up for being scared. I think it comes back to my parents watching I.T. while they thought I was asleep.  I wasn't.  Although, I did see that clown's face every time I shut my eyes for the next 10 years. 

Anyway back to the point, the way Suspiria uses colours in different scenes is beautiful.  You only have to google image search to find loads of awesome screen shots and fan art.  Two thumbs up for visuals

2.) SOUND: Brian Eno

Not so much a new inspiration but Brian Eno is one of those names that get's thrown around the studio when looking for a certain type of sound or creating atmospheres.  There's no better.  Start with An Ending (Ascent) then have an explore. Ambient Music For Airports is unsurprisingly perfect in airports.


3.) FEEL: Eotristitia

Inspired by John Koenig (look him up if you don't know).  I feel like there should be a word for the feeling of those last few days of peeling your belongings off the walls and out of the cupboards when moving house.  Immediately detaching your emotional bonds with that building. Exiting with sadness but igniting the spark of a new chapter.

(n) Eotristitia 

Might just make my own language now so I can do whatever I want. Maybe.

4.) I wrote most of this yesterday but after today's news I couldn't really not acknowledge the passing of a legend...

A truly gifted talent but make no mistake to be as good as he was would have taken serious hard work.  Truly inspirational.

Also, I've heard it be mentioned a few times in the last few hours but people like Prince have shown the world that you should be who you feel you are.  There's no need to conform to everyone's expectations, unless that's what you want to do.  For all the younger dudes and dudettes that follow this, take some time to learn about Prince. I think you will be better off for it.