Yeh, Nice. 29.04.16

1.) Sound - Thrice

Yes! Thrice have another new song. I've loved this band since they released Identity Crisis in 2001. Which is almost a depressingly long time ago thinking about it now. It brings back memories of playing skate punk shows in a weird pub/strip club every weekend. I wouldn't change it for anything. Having a scene (for want of a better word), no matter how small, is so important for musicians. Surrounded by people to bounce off and be inspired by is a beautiful thing. 

The first lyric in Black Honey grabbed me immediately. Such intensity in this song. Have a listen...

I was going to write a list of a few of my favourite Thrice songs, but I genuinely can't pick. They have evolved so much since the beginning.

2.) Sight - Louis Theroux, Drinking to Oblivion

This had me welling up from the get go. It's so easy to judge people with addiction without knowing the full story. How easy it is to pass someone off as just another drunk. I consider myself so lucky to have a network of friends and family that I feel like I could ask for help in almost any situation. Not everybody is as fortunate as I am. Although difficult to watch, it's important to be aware. Powerful viewing.