Hello and welcome,

I'm always undecided about the merits of having a blog. Does anyone really care what other people have to say? I'm still not sure, but maybe I'll look back a thousand years from now after my brain has been uploaded to a robot's and be glad for the memories.

Finally, I have finished working on my website, It's a huge relief to have it done! Here's a brief rundown of where it all began for anyone that doesn't know...

I've been lucky in my life to have made my hobby of playing music into a career of sorts. Around 2010/2011 we really started touring around the world. So, I picked up an entry level DSLR, watched bizarre youtube videos about how to use it and began snapping. 5 years later and now this hobby has developed (sorry) too.

YG Shibuya crossing. 2012.

YG Shibuya crossing. 2012.

Discovering that it was something that I loved to learn about, it made me explore the places I was visiting even more. Too many people in bands sit in their dressing rooms and take for granted the position we are in. That is something I've been determined to avoid.

Now then, this question has come up a few times amongst friends recently, 'So, is this what you're doing full time now?' my answer is definite. This doesn't change a thing. If anything this just keeps me excited about that side of my life and vice versa. I'm so jealous of those people that play music and manage to have other projects on the go. It's such an all consuming part of your life and it's difficult to focus on anything else. Hopefully, I can keep it all under control and not have a meltdown.

I'll do my best to keep this blog going too, whether it's just a few words about things that have an inspiring impact on me that week or a bit about the shoots I'm working on. I think a Warped Tour blog may well be in order too. This will hopefully be the bridge between photography and music. If anyone is looking for camera related work please get in touch @ frasertaylor.co.uk/contact. I'd also like to thank anyone that follows me on all those social platforms. You guys inspire me to do more with all of your kind words.

Be excellent to each other!