Man's Best Friend

I had intended to write this fun blog about Dogs and in particular the All Dogs Matter fundraising event I headed down to last weekend. They are a brilliant organisation rehoming and fostering unwanted dogs. The event itself was a joyous occasion, but it all just makes me so sad how we treat these beings, whether they are discarded, abused or literally farmed for a profit.

It's a hard figure to track down but estimated to be at least 47,000 dogs abandoned each year in the UK some reporting up to 110,000. Sadly, an abandoned dog is put down nearly every hour in the UK and believe me, you don't want to know the figures for the US. It's heartbreaking. 

Unfortunately, that isn't even the worst part. We humans think so little of our four legged friends that we allow a practice of farming dogs for their offspring to make a profit. Most of the mums are kept in awful conditions and repeatedly forced to have litters. The puppies themselves are then kept in these horrible places often leading to health problems. There are so many reasons why this practice is immoral and horrendous and it is almost completely unregulated. 

Yet, the majority of the public and so many people I know are still convinced that buying a puppy of their own is the right option. I can only put this down to ignorance. I'm all for sharing positive news but to be positive sometimes you have to expose the negatives. Awareness is key. 

Don't get a dog purely because of how it will enrich your life but think about how you can do the same for them. Every puppy bought in pet shops or from breeders is just going to be replaced by the next batch. It's only helping to turn a profit and keep the industry ticking over while the ones that really need our help wait in cages for someone to love. They are such loving creatures, let's give them a break!

For any more information on puppy farming head to Pupaid and for more information about All Dogs Matter with a list of the dogs looking for homes head to their site.

Now for the enjoyable part. Most of these dogs were rescues or up for adoption and all were totally awesome! Dogs in rehoming centres come in all shapes, sizes and ages. these are just a few of the happy souls... Look at them all and tell me they don't deserve our best!