My Warped Tour top 12

Warped Tour is over but it was a time. Here's maybe (I dunno) my favourite photos of the tour.

1. You know I love crazy weather as long as it's not dangerous of course. Only had to wait about 5 or 6 days for our first storm down in New Orleans. I've never seen bus world so quiet.  

2. Jacksonville. We spent 4th of July with our buds in Yellowcard in Jacksonville, FL. First opportunity to swim and the first time I got to test this cheap-o waterproof case. I was terrified. Here's Johns's opinion.

3. It obviously worked well enough for me to test it again. Another day off spent underwater with Gus. 

4. I can't remember where we were here. In general when a tour is near water everyone seems to be in high spirits.  There was knock on the bus at 1pm, we promptly got dragged over to a bloody mary place across the street before we played. The whole day was spent exploring the waterside.

5. What a surprise, another day off underwater. We had 2 days in Arizona before the Phoenix show. Waking up with the prospect of just spending the day in a hotel room or at the pool sounds nice but I think I would have gone stir crazy. John, Si and I decided to hire a car and just drive somewhere cool. We stumbled across a place on the map called Slide Rock Park so we drove the 3 hours to check it out. It was FREEZING. It rained. But, after spending 90% of your time sweating in carparks that was just what we needed. The park was by a very relaxed place named Sedona. Surrounded by amazing views the town had a special feeling about it. One that you can't explain.

6. Arizona days off part two. This and the following 4 are from our second day of rest in Arizona. We drove about an hour and a half from the hotel to the Salt River. Basically a relaxed flowing river where people hire rubber rings and float down in the sun.

7. The trip down the lazy river lasted just over three hours. Stopping at a few places to jump off some rocks on the way. I'm so glad we made the journey.

8. The first of two occasions in which we turned a corner to see wild horses grazing. A totally unexpected sight and I will always feel privileged to see that sort of thing. Apparently the local government wanted to kill them off but the people stood up and stopped the action. Thank you people!

9. Here is our new friend Chris Kamrada chilling in the desert. The drum performance on Echoes was killer and it was a pleasure to spend the summer with this dude. So much aesthetic out there.

10. One of the best parts of tour is making new friends. Here's Si with our new bud Brandon from Crown The Empire showing the love after another hot day of shows

6Y5A8682 -ps.jpg

11. Sometimes you have to try to find the beauty in where you are. Yeah, it was a dusty car park and yeah, it was really hot and the Bus engines were cranking out some serious noise but there were stars in the sky and the departing car were kicking up dust enough to give the lights an awesome glow.

12. One of the last pictures I took on Warped Tour. There was a meteor shower that night but for all of the lights we were surrounded by it sadly wasn't visible. Myself and Simon were just finishing up our beers as all the buses switched on their engines and the trailer lights lit up the area around us. Maybe my favourite shot I took the entire time.