Yeh, nice. 23.02.17

Sorry it's been a while since I've posted something. I decided 2017 is gonna be my year so I've been working myself super hard to make all my dreams come true. That comes at a cost, especially when a big part of your work is coming up with ideas. Some days it can be like there is literally nothing going on in my mind, maybe a couple of moths flying about a tumbleweed. Then other days it's like there's too many ideas floating about and I can't quite catch just one to make it a fully fledged thing. I obviously prefer the latter so I find it important to take a break from my own work to get some inspiration from others. Here's a few things that have turned my head this week.

Spent a Sunday at the Tate with my partner in love, life and inspiration, Zoë. Finally went up to the viewing platform and inadvertantly watched the strangest of families play out a dramatic and bloody episode while we ate cake.


1.) Wolfgang Tillman 2017 at the Tate

currently exhibiting at the Tate Modern. I'll be honest although I knew some of his work I wasn't very clued up on Tillman.. I wanted to go to the radical eye exhibition which I really enjoyed and will talk about shortly but Zoë wanted to see this exhibition. It turned out to be my favourite part of the day. It's nice to be surprised by something you're blissfully unaware of. Having someone that pushes you to see new things is a gift that I'm so grateful for.

From huge images taking up a whole wall takes your brain a moment to figure out what is going on to abstract colour work and photographs of some of life's simple things that are often ignored. Here's a selection below although to get the best out of them go to the exhibition itself and see them covering the walls. None of these pictures are mine fyi. 


2.) The Radical Eye

A photographic collection belonging to sir Elton John that is normally covering every inch of the walls in his fancy apartment. It shows a history of photography and techniques used by artists in the early 20th century. Techniques we're so used to having at our fingertips in photoshop but would have required skills and knowledge that are way beyond me at that time. An important reminder that everything doesn't have to follow rules and that boundaries should be pushed at every occasion. The classic argument that there is no wrong or right in photography. If it feels right to explore, then do so. 


3.) Abstract: The art of design.

its been a while since I've watched something as inspiring as this series on Netflix. I obviously watched the photography episode first and while Platon is a gifted portrait taker but it didn't interest me as much as I thought it might. 

However, despite just having an appreciation rather than love for architecture, interior design, stage design and illustration I found those episodes to be completely mind blowing and fascinating. Focusing more on the people themselves over the details of their field of work, it's amazing to see their journey to where they are today. There's not much else i've seen recently that will get you fired up to work for yourself than this series. Check the trailer below.


For now i'm about to board a bus to get a ferry to drive to Belgium. Hopefully i'll have plenty of time for exploring on this trip.