Yeh, nice. 11.03.18

Been a while since i've done one of these. I'm in the process of building my video rig so this time it's all about visuals. 

Haven't been this impressed by a documentary for ages. Been following the situation in Flint, Michigan through some friends from there. The story behind it all is enough to make this show fascinating and to add to it the cinematography is so impressive. Getting the shots they did in the situations they're in. Think Cops but with an actual story and shot like a movie.  

2. Three Billboards outside Ebbing, Missouri. Maybe an obvious one but this film made me think, was strangely heartwarming and is shot beautifully. Acting is next level. A short review but basically just watch it. Two thumbs up! 

3. James Blake  - If the Car Beside You Moves Ahead

This video <3<3<3

hope you watch and love all of these as much as I do. Look out for some video from me in the coming weeks/months.